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Honeymooners in Saint Lucia!

“What a whirlwind of a year it was, planning a wedding in 2020! We had to make changes to our wedding plans, downsizing and implementing different requirements. We also had to keep making changes to our honeymoon plans... it was hard to have the brain space to think about all the changes to our trip while adjusting wedding plans!! Everything was so strange and stressful during that time. We are SO very thankful for Debbie!!! We ended up planning a “mini-noon” and pushing our original honeymoon back to June 2021, for our one year anniversary. Debbie was there every step of the way... making sure that we would be able to have our original trip — whenever that would be! She gave us an outline before we left of all of the Covid testing requirements and forms to fill out - all that had to be done on very specific days. We would’ve surely missed a step along the way without our trusted adviser!! She planned the perfect one year honeymoon trip for us to Sandals Halcyon Beach in Saint Lucia! Sandals went above and beyond with every little detail... they are pros at creating romantic getaways in paradise!!! We are abundantly thankful that we got to enjoy such a fabulous trip last week. Without Debbie, it would’ve been so much more stressful, and we probably would’ve just canceled all together last year. Cheers to Enid Travel! We love you ladies!”

Elizabeth and Daniel finally headed off on their original honeymoon to Saint Lucia. By the looks of it, it was a wonderful trip! We love seeing these happy travelers! Let us help you take the stress out of your planning, and bring a trusted partner into your court. The travel requirements keep changing, and we can keep you up to speed, getting you safely and happily to paradise and back.

The best part is, you don’t even have to pay us! The tour offices do that for you!

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